Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I just need you to listen!

I am usually a happy go lucky gal, however, I do have times when I get very frustrated with things. One of my  biggest frustrations is  being misunderstood. Another one is someone feeling the need to fix me when they misunderstand me.

I am a big girl.
I don't need to be fixed. 
When I get frustrated, like most people, I just want someone to listen.
I don't need unsolicited advice. I don't need someone to go in and fix it.
I don't need an investigation.
I just need to air out my frustrations and to be heard.

Today, I voiced a frustration to someone. Instead of listening this person brought in another person to look at my frustration and analyze it. (and no this has nothing to do with my hubby) They both sat down with me. I still don't feel as if they actually heard what I was saying because they were too busy trying to explain to me what they thought of the situation after their investigation.
One is a very dear, close friend who most of the time gets me but sometimes she can be very wrong about me. I feel misunderstood. I feel like I am the one that is supposed to change because of my frustration.
Why? I don't need to change. 
I don't need thicker skin. 
I just need to feel safe enough to voice my frustration. 
I need to know it is okay for my to feel this way and that someone is listening.
I guess I need to go back to the basics. Prayer. 

God is here all the time. He is listening all of the time. He understands us more than we understand ourselves. He won't "fix" us but He can transform  us if we allow Him to work in our life.

After I voiced my issue I went back and stated that no matter what the circumstance I will keep smiling and give my all in everything I do.
I pray that my friend understands me but I am okay if she doesn't. I love her no matter what. My other friend probably won't ever understand but I know my creator does.
And that my friend is all that I need.
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:!2