Tuesday, January 27, 2009

To Know Me More...

...keep reading. I've been tagged by my friend, Melissa @ Musings of a Multi-Tasking Mama. You get to learn the following things about me- I know your inquiring minds were dying to know so I decided not to keep you in suspense any longer ;p

6 Things I Value:
1. My relationship with Jesus.
2. My husband.
3. My children.
4. The Bible.
5. My Church.
6. Music.

6 Things I Support:
1. Healthy marriages.
2. Pro-Life.
3. Prayer in schools.
4. Anyone in the Mission Field.
5. Capitalism & competition.
6. Republicans.

6 Things I Do Not Support:
1. Socialism.
2. Pro-choice...the choice is whether or not to have sex. People know the risks and only abstinence is 100% effective. Who are we to play God saying because of the circumstances that caused the pregnancy the unborn child should not exist. Isn't God the maker and creator? Doesn't He know best? (Sorry, big passion of mine. :) )
3. The so-called tolerance that is being tossed around that seems to exclude Christianity in our schools and our government.
4. Democrats. (though I will pray for our government leaders)
5. Terrorists.
6. Passive aggressive personalities.

6 People I Tag:
Well, I don't read very many blogs so I have three:
1. Jay (my hubby) with Just Jay's Journal.
2. My good friends, Don & Lori at Never a Dull Moment.
3. Josh at Playground of the Mind.

I would love to know these things about the following bloggers so hopefully they will play along (if they want to) and then let me know when they have posted so I can come read.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What is in store for 2009?

Okay, I know it has been a long time since I have posted. December was a very busy time for my family and me. So now on to Jan 2009...

What is in store for the Tidwell’s in 2009? What goals do I wish to accomplish? Do I have any resolutions?

Well first, Jay & I are trying to refinance the mortgage. We are waiting right now for the appraisal. If everything goes smoothly we will be able to pay off our debt and cancel our credit cards. (Because we have gotten out of debt so many times just to head right back in there.) Then we are going on a cash budget. If the refinancing doesn’t work we are going to have to find some extra income. Either Jay will get a new job or a second job or I will get a part-time job. We are continuously praying for God’s guidance and wisdom no matter what happens.

Personally, I don’t like to make resolutions but I do make goals. Goals that are not impossible to accomplish. One goal of mine is to guard my mouth. I tend to talk a bunch. It is part of my personality and sometimes I will say something that I shouldn’t or I will give out too much information. I am asking God to help me to control the flow of words that come out of my mouth. I have to curb my enthusiasm and that is very difficult so I ask that y’all pray for me in this.

My other personal goal is to lose 15 pounds. Back in 2005, I weighed over 200 lbs. (see picture) It took 10 months and lots of discipline but I reached my goal and lost 65 lbs. Well, I have been lax in my eating habits this last year and I have slowly gained 15 lbs back. I am praying the God give me the self discipline to eat in moderation and to exercise every other day so that I can reach my goal. I think it is better I take control now before I go back to the 200 plus pounds where I was before. Since I have lost the weight Jay likes to say that he married his trophy wife first.

In ministry, the Twogether Marriage Ministry has already been busy for this year. We bought the license to have a Fireproof Movie Event. We showed the movie at our church on Friday January 9th. About 140 people showed up to see the movie. Jay & I were able to give a small testimony about how God has worked in our marriage after the movie. We have been asked to show it again since several people did not get to come so we are planning another movie event in the near future.

We are going to Family Life's Weekend to Remember on Feb 20-22 at Lansdowne resort in VA. We hope to bring many couples to this conference. Jay & I have been to 7 of them. It is a wonderful tool to help a hurting marriage and to grow and strengthen a healthy one.

There are so many other things we are doing (or I should say God is doing) in our marriage ministry and in our lives. So I will try to keep y’all posted. I hope and Pray the 2009 is a very blessed year for everyone!