Tuesday, January 27, 2009

To Know Me More...

...keep reading. I've been tagged by my friend, Melissa @ Musings of a Multi-Tasking Mama. You get to learn the following things about me- I know your inquiring minds were dying to know so I decided not to keep you in suspense any longer ;p

6 Things I Value:
1. My relationship with Jesus.
2. My husband.
3. My children.
4. The Bible.
5. My Church.
6. Music.

6 Things I Support:
1. Healthy marriages.
2. Pro-Life.
3. Prayer in schools.
4. Anyone in the Mission Field.
5. Capitalism & competition.
6. Republicans.

6 Things I Do Not Support:
1. Socialism.
2. Pro-choice...the choice is whether or not to have sex. People know the risks and only abstinence is 100% effective. Who are we to play God saying because of the circumstances that caused the pregnancy the unborn child should not exist. Isn't God the maker and creator? Doesn't He know best? (Sorry, big passion of mine. :) )
3. The so-called tolerance that is being tossed around that seems to exclude Christianity in our schools and our government.
4. Democrats. (though I will pray for our government leaders)
5. Terrorists.
6. Passive aggressive personalities.

6 People I Tag:
Well, I don't read very many blogs so I have three:
1. Jay (my hubby) with Just Jay's Journal.
2. My good friends, Don & Lori at Never a Dull Moment.
3. Josh at Playground of the Mind.

I would love to know these things about the following bloggers so hopefully they will play along (if they want to) and then let me know when they have posted so I can come read.

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Askander said...

Hey, I opened up a more personal blog and responded to this. Your probably better linking here: http://ctlitimes.blogspot.com/