Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sixteen Years Ago

Sixteen years ago....I was barely twenty. I was very single and I was very pregnant.

Sixteen years ago last weekend a tornado hit Powell & Lenoir City. I was again very pregnant and living in my mom's trailer. Storms don't scare me they excite me because I know God is in control. I looked outside and watched the rain come down in sheets almost sideways. I listened to try and hear the twister. It hit the trailer park down the road from ours. It was very surreal to drive around after the storm had passed to see the damage it had caused. I was filled with awe. Jay & I were not dating but I find it interesting that he lived in Lenoir City and I lived in Powell. Tornadoes don't often hit in the TN Valley.

Wow, it has been 16 yrs!

Sixteen years ago this coming Friday a major blizzard hit. Before the snow came I went to the OBGYN for my regular weekly check and he said I was dilated 3 cm's. Mom told me I wasn't allowed to give birth. Needless to say I waited a week later.