Friday, March 1, 2013

A Crazy Thursday

Yesterday was a crazy day. The craziness in my house doesn't start until people start coming home, which happens around 3pm when the girls get off the bus. Both girls had to be somewhere at 4:30 in different places and in different states so I had to do some manuevering to acheive this. I ask my dear hubby to change his schedule so he could take our beautiful 17 year old to a local photographer for an interview. They had an opportunity for 2014 seniors to become models and earn their senior pics for free plus get cash for referrals. I like the thought of that! I needed to take our younger daughter, Kat, to the dentist up in Maryland to have a tooth pulled. She is 14 and still has some baby teeth. We have been waiting for the baby teeth to go away so she can start braces.

At 2:50pm I get a text from Kat. She wants to stay after school for African Dance & Drumming. SO I say yes but tell her to be out at the doors no later than 4pm. Rebecca comes home and gets ready (which seems to include going through my make-up drawer.) I wait until 3:50 and start to go out to get Kay and Jay comes in so I say hi and give him the run down of where he needs to go. 3:55pm Kat texts me, I am outside. Stress. I text back OMW and get in the van. On the way there Kat keeps asking is it going to hurt? Will he have to give me a shot? Can't he give me the gas to knock me out? I try to reasure her that he knows what he is doing and he will make it as pain free as possible.

We get to the dentist and we are quickly taken back to the room. Numbing gel is given and the dentist gives her two shots. The tooth seems to come out okay but he is still digging. At this point she is holding the dental assistants hand with a death grip. Then I come up and she squeezes my hand. I am wearing a pretty purple shirt and my hand turns the same color. Meanwhile he is still digging for a root that the xrays didn't show. He gives her two more shots because she is moaning. For awhile there are two dental assistants and the dentist and me all staring into Kat's mouth while the dentist is digging around trying to get the pesky root. My hand is still very purple. What was supposed to be a very simple tooth extraction has turned into a 20 minute dig for a loose root and a very scared 14 year old. She made it through and so did I. Both the assistant and I tell her that she did a great job and reassure her that this won't happen again.

Driving home still in MD my hubby calls. I don't have a blue tooth so I ask Kat to answer it. She has gauze in her mouth and half her mouth is numb so she says, "herrow." At this point they are laughing at her and her dad asks, "are you still getting your tooth pulled?" She is like, "No? Why woulb I anper the pone?" Finally back in WV and I take the phone from her. Rebecca got the model job!

We get home and read the post extraction instructions. She can't spit or swallow. She asks, "what am I posed to do?" I tell her to drool into a cup. The instructions also saythat she can't drink alcohol for 6 days and she can't smoke for 8 weeks. She gets a kick out of that. I tell her it better be much longer for that. She can only eat soft foods and she cannot drink for a straw. So to lift her spirits up we go get chicken noodle soup at Chick-fil-a and a smoothie at Tropical Smoothie Cafe. (She has to eat the smoothie with a soup spoon.)

I love my family and I am blessed to have them in my life. I also like the fact that our days are not boring. Though sometimes I think boring would be nice every once and awhile. :)

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