Monday, October 27, 2008

Advice for Gamers and Their Spouses

My husband, Jay, is a computer gamer. I like to call him my geek. Most of our arguments usually are around the pc and the time he spends on it. I felt I should share with other PC Widows out there some pointers on how to live happily with a gamer and some advice for the gamers on how to keep their spouse happy.

First, to the Spouses out there, I feel your pain. It is very frustrating when you are trying to communicate with your gamer and they don’t even look up at you. When the children were younger and went to bed early I found one easy way to get Jay’s, or Draznar’s, attention. I would flash him. Then his eyes would look at me albeit not at my eyes but hey I was getting some attention!

Well, I have learned a lot since then on what works and what doesn’t. Don’t complain or nag about their computer use. This will only cause them to be on it more and avoid real life. Compliment them and say positive things to them even when you don’t want to. If they are playing a game and you need them for a moment, walk up to them, place your hand on them and have them take off their headphones and look you in the eyes. This is the only way you can be sure that they hear you. Try to sit down with them and make a schedule of when they have game time. Jay usually plays Tuesday & Thursday after 9pm and some on the weekends. (Except for that time of month when he just plays whenever he wants to avoid me. :D)

Gamers, if you want to keep your spouse happy, schedule your playing time. Schedule your family time. Show us that we are a priority in your life. I tell Jay that even though we are married I still need to be pursued! Give us some attention too. The more loved we feel and the more we feel that we are a priority over the computer and the more we will understand that you need time to do your thing.

We still have our tiffs over this subject but I think we are getting better. And I do still Love my Geek!


Draznar said...

I thought striped shirts were supposed to be slimming. Time to start using that exercise equipment you bought.

I miss the old method of getting my attention.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

The way my hubby hovers since the hospital stay I wish he would get a hobby LOL

Askander said...

We're always looking for more band members Melissa.