Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Winter Concerts

It is the time for rehearsals and scheduling of the Christmas plays, concerts, & musicals. This year is going to be very busy for the Tidwell household. Josh is in Chamber Choir & Men’s Choir at school and Raise the Praise at church. Rebecca is in Show choir and band at school. She is also in Raise the Praise at church. Kathryn is in Music Makers at church and she has a general “winter concert” for school.
For the most part the middle school & high school here do a mixture of secular & sacred music. The elementary & intermediate schools do not. Kathryn brought home her “winter concert” script and it covers Hanukah and Kwanza. The only mention of Christmas is in Spanish. I am glad they teach about the other celebrations and cultures because they are a part of our heritage as the melting pot. However, Christmas is a larger part of our heritage.
Our founding fathers came here to be able to practice their religious beliefs without persecution. Separation of church and state was meant to keep the government out of the church not the church out of the government. The political correctness and so called tolerance this nation is showing is causing intolerance toward Christians. I fear for this nation because the more we push God out of it the worse things are going to get. Just read the Bible. Every time Israel fell away from following God they were captured and persecuted.
I do not want to cause a big scene about this but I will write the teacher and let her know how I feel. I am grateful that we live in a country that I can still voice my opinion and I pray that does not change. I believe that God is in control and He appoints our leaders. I am praying daily for our leaders and this nation. My family and I will keep Christ the center of our “Winter” celebrations.


Draznar said...

It is sad to me to think back to how we sang all those sacred songs in High School, but now my youngest daughter has yet to sing one song at school that mentions Jesus & Christ in it. I still remember my choir teacher talking about the emotions behind the song for those that believe.

Askander said...

I've noticed a general growing hostility towards Christians in this country. I'd be lying to say it hasn't started filling me with unease.

Anyone who says that the devil is not alive and working hard isn't paying attention.