Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My daughter a racist?...WTH?

Our youngest daughter, Kathryn, is turning ten on October 28th. She wants a sleep over party. Well, given the turmoil of housework & hair combing I have had in the last two months due to our lovely lice infestation we said no. She was devastated but we talked her into a Laser tag, Mini-golf party at Fun Expeditions in Winchester, VA. She could not wait to print out the invitations and hand them out. After handing out the invitations she told me that she was not going to invite one of her friends. I asked her why and she said that her best friend, Nikki, didn’t like this girl anymore. Well, that was no excuse for me so again I asked why and she told me that this friend had called her a racist because of who we are going to vote for!

Needless to say I am somewhat befuddled because I looked up to this girl’s parents. Her father has served two tours in Iraq and they seem to be very nice people. Jay is livid and wants to know if this took place on school property.

So, I guess I just feel the need to say to all of the Obama supporters that I am voting for John McCain. Not because of his skin color but because of the issues. I am a politically conservative voter. The main issue for me is abortion. I am strongly pro-life and I will not vote for someone who is pro-choice. I do believe that Roe v. Wade can be and will eventually be overturned. I believe in a smaller government, school vouchers, a flat tax, no capital gains or inheritance tax, pro-marriage, pro-guns & that social issues are better handled by the churches and not the government. I am not totally in line with John McCain and I am upset that he was for the bailout but he is the closest match for president that I have. That does not make me or my daughter a racist. I pray that everyone votes for who they line up with best in the issues not because of their race or their eloquence or their age. Please don’t try to bombard me with email telling me who you are voting for because my mind is made up. I also disagree with some on the right who are sending out emails saying that Obama is the antichrist because that is absurd too. One of my best friends is voting for him. I don’t think any less of her. We just agree to disagree. I urge everyone to go online and read the facts about the issues and make up your own mind. Then, go and vote on Nov. 4th!

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Draznar said...

First my daughter has the most culturally diversed group of friends. The other "racist" girl that was with her was black. I have always held that the color of ones skin is useless information, though to often our society seems to be broken down by the lines of what hue our skin is. The part of this election that is most damaging I think is the rapid racism and the use of the race card. To not support Barack Hussein Obama II for president is considered to be racist. The sad part is that race seems to be the only motivation for many of his voters. To many people are throwing out their morals and principles, to get a black man into the Whitehouse. I vote on issues and character. In both these areas, I find that I only have one choice into who I'll vote for.